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  • Cup Lid

    Cup Lid

    Now, you can enjoy direct drinking beverages with ease and convenience!

    Our direct drinking cup lid features a unique design that allows you to enjoy your drinks without worrying about spills or mess.

    The small holes on the direct drinking cup lid allow beverages to flow smoothly without creating excessive pressure.

    This way, you can enjoy the taste and flavor of your drinks without worrying about them spilling or spraying onto your clothes.

    The lid also has a simple, flat shape that makes it easy to place a straw and open and close the lid.

    Additionally, direct drinking cup lids are often made of durable plastic, ensuring that they can be used multiple times without breaking or deforming easily.

    If you want to enjoy a more convenient direct drinking experience, try our direct drinking cup lid!

    We believe it will be a pleasant beverage experience for you.
  • Paper straw

    Paper straw

    【Paper Straws, the New Choice for Eco-Friendly Beverages】

    Our paper straws are a brand new and eco-friendly alternative for drinking straws, offering the following benefits:

    1. 100% Recyclable: Paper straws can be recycled without any harm to the environment.

    2. Safe and Hygienic: Our paper straws are free from harmful chemicals, making them a safe and hygienic option for your beverages.

    3. Suitable for All Beverages: Our paper straws are suitable for all kinds of beverages, including hot and cold drinks, milk tea, coffee, and more.

    4. Exquisite Design: Our paper straws are designed with beauty in mind and can be customized with different patterns and logos, which can help enhance your brand image.

    Our paper straws are in line with the concepts of environmental protection and sustainable development, making them ideal for various commercial establishments such as cafes, tea houses, bars, and more. By using our paper straws, you can contribute to protecting the environment while enhancing your brand image and making your customers love your products even more.
  • Eco-Friendly Beverage Cup Bag

    Eco-Friendly Beverage Cup Bag

    【Drink eco-friendly beverages, use eco-friendly bags, and make a difference for our planet!】

    Eco-friendly beverage bags are reusable shopping bags that not only reduce the use of disposable plastic bags, but also contribute to a healthier planet.

    Benefits of using eco-friendly beverage bags:

    1. Resource conservation: Using eco-friendly beverage bags reduces the need for disposable plastic bags, thereby conserving resources and energy.

    2. Pollution reduction: Disposable plastic bags release harmful chemicals during manufacturing and also pollute the environment after use. Eco-friendly beverage bags can be reused, reducing pollution to our environment.

    3. Convenient and practical: Eco-friendly beverage bags are lightweight and easy to carry, making them practical for everyday use as a shopping bag.

    4. Cost-effective: Using eco-friendly beverage bags saves money on shopping bags, providing economic benefits for households and businesses.

    Let's take action and use eco-friendly beverage bags to protect our planet and create a green and healthy living environment together.
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